Percocet is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen has not been evaluated for mutagenicity.PERCOCET is indicated for the relief of moderate to moderately severe pain.

All strengths of PERCOCET also contain the following inactive ingredients such as Colloidal silicon dioxide,croscarmellose sodium,crospovidone, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, pregelatinized cornstarch, and stearic acid. It is a semisynthetic pure opioid agonist whose principal therapeutic action is analgesia.It reduces motility by increasing smooth muscle tone in the stomach and duodenum. In the small intestine, digestion of food is delayed by decreases in propulsive contractions. Other opioid effects include contraction of biliary tract smooth muscle, spasm of the Sphincter of Oddi,increased ureteral and bladder sphincter tone, and a reduction in uterine tone. Percocet may produce a release of histamine and may be associated with orthostatic hypotension, and other symptoms, such as pruritus, flushing, red eyes, and sweating. PERCOCET tablets are not recommended for use in women during and immediately prior to labor and delivery due to its potential effects on respiratory function in the newborn.

The most frequently observed non-serious adverse reactions include lightheadedness, dizziness,drowsiness or sedation, nausea, and vomiting. These effects seem to be more prominent in ambulatory than in nonambulatory patients, and some of these adverse reactions may be alleviated if the patient lies down. Other adverse reactions include euphoria, dysphoria, constipation, and pruritus. Dosage should be adjusted according to the severity of the pain and the response of the patient. It may occasionally be necessary to exceed the usual dosage recommended below in cases of more severe pain or in those patients who have become tolerant to the analgesic effect of opioids. If pain is constant, the opioid analgesic should be given at regular intervals on an around-the-clock schedule. PERCOCET tablets are given orally instead of injection.Buy Percocet Online

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